Software Problems

hello everyone,
I find the M200 zortrax great but I am desperate and blocks the production of a very important and urgent model.
I tried everything to get a quality item ...
- Edit my 3D file (12 years I print in 3D and I'm working on Catia).
- Change material (ULTRA / ABS / HIPS).
- Clean the nozzle / change the nozzle.
- Clean / adjust / change the hot end
- Calibrate / change the printing plate
- Tighten all screws and bolts
- Change the parameter in Z-suite (all that was adjustable)
after 5 missed draws and a quantity of time and wasted material, I do not know what to do.
here are the pictures of my two best results ....
to be more clear, no boring has the same size and have the dismal finishes compared to the quality of all the other pieces that I made with this machine.
I think this is the Z-suite software that generates absurd and especially heterogeneous way ... I can see it live during manufacture.
what can i do ??????
thank you for your advice.


It seems the slicer is somehow struggling with the circular thin walls and can't decide if it should add infill or not. 

It reminds me (a lot) of an older zsuite bug I reported where thin walled round tubes printed was squishing too much infill in between the two outer walls which made the surface bumpy/rough.

Try to print the model at a slightly different scale ...just for a test. Or could you maybe make the holes in the outer ring round or oval instead of rectangular? This would reduce the thin walled area. Or try to make the walls on the ring a bit thicker in general.

You should defnitely add this one to the bug tracker. This way the Z team can work on it efficiently.

thank you for your advice.
I copied / pasted into bug tracker my question ....
The solution I have found and taken for now is to take you time and sandpaper ... <_<


You have to buy a Dremel. Best tool ever!

I actually use an older dental technician one (“Schick”)…can’t live without it. Makes clean ups and corrections so easy.