Software to tile a big model

Someone could tell me if there is any commercial or open-source software to do this?

I dont think there is any software released. But they publicated their work (look at paper - pdf 17MB) and someone can use their achievement to create such software.

May be a solution with Meshcam, but without generating fasteners.

It’s a simple but powerful software that generates Gcode for CNC, with a “slide geometry” function (multiple .stl files export).

Not a freeware (but 30 days trial), work on Mac,Windows and Linux (with Wine).

I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Would really like to kickstart this thread again. I'm also wondering if someone might have found a software closer to Autodesk Meshmixer but that generate plugs as well. Meshmixer seems ok but it's destructive in the sense that it creates a new less accurate mesh after slicing the modell.

Julia have you used this, how accurate is it?

I would need to use it on pretty complex parts.. wondering if its up to task.

Something inserts dowel pins (integral or as separate pieces) and holes for same might be better if structural integrity is important.  That's easier to do with your own design than for most Thingiverse downloads I've seen, but you are probably looking for an automated solution.

Yep, by hand you can do anything its just very time consuming and not always optimized as much as it can be. Im guessing you would need some pretty serious algorithms / AI to pull it off better than a human though.

The best concept was that at the start of the thread. But wasn’t implemented yet.

Hi guys, i'm testing this software

which works in autocad, inventor and solidworks. It works well, but i've a problem with the measures, because the software just works with inches, and my models are in mm, but i fix it in z-suite scaling the model.

Sneak peek of Z-Suite 0.0.9

Excellent feature Martin.


What happens if you need to split in more then one direction?

It looks like you can split all 3 axes.. Enter values and select "split all"

You can always create summy parts and them split again and so. I will love this feature.

It's great!!!! that feature is going to be a huge step !!!! Thanks guys, but when is it going to be ready z-suite 0.0.9??

For next version, if you can make the connectors for the difference parts, it should gorgeous!!!!

Nice to see this. I wonder if it will support models bigger than the build area..

Nice to see this. I wonder if it will support models bigger than the build area..

Just scale it down, split it and then scale it up again?