Software upgrade z-code support issue

Well I was so happy to get an upgrade then I tried it and said...what? lol

It seems the support isn't doing a thing compared to the previous version. If you look in the one pic there is no support in the center where it is needed. and that is at 40% whereas I only had it at 20% before and was perfect.

In the other pic you can see the support is not really doing anything. Is this a known issue or?

 I am using the Mac software.




I haven't tried to print this new Z-code because I really don't want to waste material if it prints like the display. 

Seems like the new support generation logic is still a bit buggy…

I can't print anything now because any which way I move the object or no matter how much support I try it still is all screwed up. And I don't know how to go back to the previous version of the software. :(

I am having the same problem, uploading photos now.

Thanks Zortrax team for the new update 7.2! Works great!!