Soluable Support Keeps Jamming on the Pinion


I recently replaced the hot end on my M300 dual module for a Hot-End Module V3. Since replacing the module the soluble support material keeps jamming and coating the pinion. I am not having the same issue on the regular filament side. This M300 dual went 2 months with out printing while I waited for the new hot end to come in.

So far I have:

  1. Disassembled and Cleaned the motor pinion. Cleaned full assembly before reassembling the motor per the extruder maintenance document on the support page
  2. Tried printing a component that worked before the new module was installed.
  3. Swapped to a different nozzle and cleaned the one that came with the hot end
  4. Swapped to a new roll of filament to make sure the moisture content in the old roll was not causing the problem

Any advice on what to try next?

Still having the issue.

I ordered a similar size pinion to try to replace the one on the motor but am currently waiting on the part

Hi Alex,

as you have already excluded several possible causes of the problem and, most of all, replaced the hotend module tried a new roll of support material (I assume Z-SUPPORT Premium) - please, take some videos showing the extrusion issues and contact us via support form. Also, please, provide information if the problem with the soluble filament occurs only during the print, or as soon as you load it.

Best regards,

Forgot to reply to this thread on the issue I was having. Not sure what was going on but I was able to fix the issue by offsetting the platform -0.15. Leveling the platform was bringing the nozzle to close to the print bed

Hello Alex,

thank you for sharing the solution - we will definitely keep it in mind when facing a similar issue. I am glad to hear the problem has been resolved.