Some lines come off on rounded wall

Hello Everybody
I just bought a second used M200.
I never had this kind of problem with my 1st M200
With this new printer, I’m having a problem that I do not know how to adjust.
I tried a fairly simple piece. straight walls with a rounded angle.
On the rounding, lines come off. I can not understand why.
I use the default setting (Zortrax V2 software) with a 20% fill.
The reste of the piece is good … but not acceptable.
The same print on my 1st M200 is working good.
Anyone know about this problem and how to fix it ? Some setting to adjust ? Some part of the printer to change ?
This is 2 pictures of the pieces for you can understand the problem:

Thanks for help


Hi, Aurélien.

Did you print the exact same .zcode file in both of your M200s?
Could you send me the file?

Hi Marta.
Thanks for reply.
Yes i used the same zcode in both 2 M200.
You can find the zcode here :


Thanks! I’ve printed this model and it came out perfect, so it’s some hardware issue.

Please, check if all the cables are properly connected to the PCB and make sure that heater&thermocouple is properly connected to the hotend.
If possible, please print ribbon cable tester(there should be one of these blocks in every corner and one in the center) and let me know the results.

Hi Marta.
Thank’s a lot for your time.
I will print the ribbon tester and let you know the result. (i was busy yesterday)