Some wanted functioins in Z-Suite Library tab

Hey there,

I was printing some Zortrax produced parts from the Z-Suite library today and realized the proceedure wasn’t entirely clear to me how to do that. I finally realized that when I clicked “downloaded parts” they were being saved into a “Zortrax” folder and then “files” on my computer. It would be great if there was an option to choose where these ended up, or to simply remind me where they are going. Not a huge deal once you figure it out but annoying the first time.

Also it would be great if I could just click the part in the library and have it automatically loaded into Z-Suite for printing without having to first save it, open new file,find it, and click open. Something like adding a print button as shown below. Again not a hug deal, but it sure would streamline the process a bit.

thanks and all the best,