Speaking of Coffee


I used to be a dedicated Starbucks Coffee drinker. Even when I got my Monza Deluxe espresso machine I got Starbucks beans.

I watched a documentary on Coffee and found that different processing of beans produce different tastes. I decided to try Fully washed beans from Guatemala and i was not displeased.

I found Finca El Injerto Pacamara beans. While they are a bit pricey ordering them from the importers in the states I found ordering from the store in Guatemala is much cheaper. lol

It is the kind of coffee that transport you to another place and makes you question what it is you are doing. lol 

A definite must try for a coffee aficionado! 



ok you intrigue me... any link of the shop?

ps. make at least a 3d printed stencil for your logo :p


/private post:

I've got one great shop with good quality coffee beans, but it's in Polish. The firm is also based in Poland (obvously), but they import their Coffee directly from Kenia. My friend from Wroclaw is the owner. 

I don't drink Coffee myself, but I think that one should be tasty (atleast that's what they say) ;).

The link to their page/store: http://www.sklep.etnocafe.pl


PS. If you're planning to visit Poland, Wroclaw is one of the cities, that you should definitely consider visiting.


Here is the link to the shop I just ordered from. 

The first time was from Stumptown but cheaper from the source. Not sure how safe it is because there are always scammers out there and it is Guatemala. lol

I should be getting my delivery between the 18 and 20th so I will see.  I hope not cause its goood and I spent 90 bucks on my order. lol

But Im getting 3 lbs of coffee where as it costs 54$ with shipping for 12 oz from Stumptown.


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It ain’t coffee, but it’ll definitely get you up in the morning.


well I received my coffee from Finca El Injerto. So glad it wasn't a scam. A hell of a lot cheaper than you can get in the states even with shipping and they gave me a neat pen. too

Shipping took like forever. UGH! I ordered on the 9th and just got it today but for the price...

Its just a cheap Bic but the woven art is nifty!



I have placed my order twice for this coffee. 

While they were just starting into the shipping and online sales business, the first time was a long wait so I ordered my next batch way in advance. To my surprise it showed up in a weeks time...maybe 9 days, but a far cry from a month.

This is my only and best coffee. I like it so much I have thought about buying bulk and reselling it. lol  :P  :D