Spiderweb on prints


I have used my inventure a few times and noticed after a haitus that it now produces parts that are stringy, like spiderwebs. This didn’t happen before.

I cleaned the heads and teflon material at the extruders and it still seems to do this. This stringiness appears both on the part material and the support.

more info - I use Zortrax material cartridges, Z-PETG and the Support Premium is what was shown here.

Any idea what could be causing this and how I can fix this?


Anyone have any thoughts?


Hi Mike,

Could you provide a .zcode file, please? Also, does the same issue occur while printing other models (possibly with other materials)? How many hours has the printer done so far?

Best regards,


5_MotorCage_bottom2.zcode (3.4 MB)
5_CatheterCollar.zcode (6.1 MB)

Uploaded here. Both use theSupport Premium and Z-PETG. I haven’t tried switching out the materials, but I assumed since both support and parts were stringy, whereas previously I didn’t see it happen in the first few prints I did months ago, I assumed it as not a material problem.

I’ve maybe printed about 10-20 small prints on the printer so far.


The system is now giving me a Error 140 and won’t hear up the extruders. I checked the fan on a power supply and it runs fine.

I noted 2 threads below mine that someone had the same error pop up, which indicated something more systemic than something wrong with the fan… I wonder if there is some issue with the PCB?


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the files and additional information. There might be a problem with proper cooling, especially that the error #140 occurred now. Please, fill in the support form so we can provide you with further help. However, if the fan itself is operational - yes, either the extruder PCB or extruder cable might be at fault.