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Hi , i have some real issues with the Software and it is not only related to the Beta Version .These are on all Versions of the Software.
I’m a Mac user, first of all The Software is awful slow, The next thing is when I add a Printer why I have to choose every time the printer(if I can add it in the first place) I use ,it is not so that I have a million printers at home. next . When adding a Model via context Menu it seems nothing happen unless I import it many times.If the Model is added, the Software handles well ,unless I create Supports, the Auto support function works very well, at least better than the most software out there.But here comes the biggest Issue with this piece of Software , when I will remove Supports and this is for every single support it take 2-3 sec after i highlighted it ,I can remove/delete the support and why the hell I have to do it one by one there is no multiple choice I can delete supports in bulks so far I will not using this Software I will not work on my Model longer than I print them, it take me enough time to create them in the first place. In Beta I had very big issues to start the Software while I can’t add my Printer please get rid of this future very Quick. It seems your developers are not printing with your own Software or test them I guess they use Cura /Chitubox or other similar Software to get the Job done. And get rid of the windows related UI
Regards Zeus

Hi Zeus,

You can set the default printer model in Menu -> Preferences -> Default printer. Also, you can select and delete several support structures at once (with Ctrl key).

Could you tell me which system version are you using and whether you own an FDM or UV LCD model?

Best regards,

Hi KarolinaZortrax

I use Mac OS Catalina10.15.4, The printer is an UV LCD Resin Printer, here is an Example. I use an Anycubic Photon, there are no standard settings only for the Zortrax UV Lcd. It is hard to add the Printer as standard Printer means I have to start the Software several times befor I can add the Printer, wich is annoying ( but this is only after the first Installation and open the Software the first time, despite the manual says I can set the Layer height from 0.025mm to 0.100 , don’t know yet the numbers are correct, but it is not so important the Software let me choose only 0.05 mm Layer height. I tried also to select several support structures wit the shift,-conrol,- also command key but I am not getting it to work. Anyway the Software has some functions I like. The Cutting tool , the Auto layer setting works pretty fine the Stl repair, a downside is the preview , it takes way to long before I can use it to find some Islands, you can use it only when the support structure is added, a preview would help if I can use it direct in the support Menu so I can search for Islands and then add supports direct when I find one,
that is it for now , I have to test and try a little more, so I will get thing sorted .

Thank you for you help

With best regards Zeus