STL-file reading error

Error in the STL-file. Same with earlier versions of the Z-Suite. Maybe it is only this file, but this works with Voxelizer.


Can you send me the .stl file, please? Did you set some specifc settings?

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Hello, it works after exporting to SAT (Acis) and read back and automatic repair. I suppose that Z-Suite uses some kind of automatic repairing of the STL-files? In Voxelixer there is the same but it is not default. So it is not a bug.

Hello, thank you for the update. Yes, Z-SUITE provides auto-repair function.

But if I don´t want automatic repair?

Use menu Model->Import without repairing

Thank you! I need to test this. So it was user error…
I tested and it works. I don´t understand why this automatic repair is default?