Stop the printer automatically after printing?


juste a simple question: is there a setting to stop the printer automatically after printing, or to put in standby ?

I need sometime to do long prints (8h+) at my work until the evening late so the printer can stay ON for 1-3 days after until I come back, which would be better to be OFF.

If there is no, maybe in a new firmware ? Maybe you have another solution to do it by electronic or something ?



I had the same issue and I ‘solved’ it by using simple plug-in timer switch (You can buy them pretty cheaply).

For example I have ~6h print to make during the weekend and I will be gone for 2 days, I just set 7h on timer switch to be sure that print finishes and close the door.

Firmware switch won’t work because printer motherboard and PSU are separate units (at least in M series printers, but I suspect Inkspire does the same) and by clicking rocker switch on the side of printer You are switching power to the PSU. Motherboard cannot cut power to itself or PSU without hardware modification (added relay or electronic switch of some sort).


I use switches connected to wifi. They have the front of being able to be controlled with a telephone. They also have a built-in timer function. The brand is Wifi Pilot from the manufacturer Stephen. Then I think there is a wide choice of different brands on the internet.


ok thanks for the solutions. The wifi switch is very interesting !