STP / STEP import


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Are there any plans to support STP/STEP format import to Z-Suite?

It would be really nice to have. This is a parametric format that does not depend on triangle mesh so it is better to transfer/import/export between applications without compromising quality over file size. Our designers use it for everyday work and also they told me that they use other slicers that can import STP/STEP.

We could avoid volume pixelization / triangulization this way… which happened several times already :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:



Actually, Z-SUITE requires a triangle mesh, so triangulation would still be applied as a first step after uploading a model - thus, the user would not have control over the degree of a possible simplification of the model. However, thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: Our software specialists will keep them in mind.

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Thank you Karolina :slight_smile:

Importer can have “mesh size” or “quality” parameter that would allow to import and then convert STP into a bunch of triangles of a given size :slight_smile:

In a bigger projects where design and CAD parts are done by a different teams the core format is usually STP and such import would save some time just for someone to convert STP into STL. Also there are some variables here related with printout resolution and the person responsible for printouts could set optimal parameters :slight_smile:

Thank you for cnsidering :slight_smile: