Strange zcode result


I´m trying to print an airfoil with closed surface. Therefore I splitted the whole airfoil into segments.

In CAD (CREO) and when loading the .stl in Zsuite the surface looks fine.

But when I prepare the .stl to be printed in Zsuite, a non requested and surface distrubing support will be created. So the airfoil is not usable. I changed the parameters, but the result ist always the same.

Anybody have an Idea?

The walls of your part was to thin and the printer could not print them. I've done a small modification to it by adding some thickness to the walls and it seems ok now but still is too thin. Give it a try.3083


Oh, super,

that looks great. How do you did this?

Wall thickness - is a good hint. Now I have a heading to solve the problem.

The reason might be, that I have to scale down the file to fit to the M200 printing area and I forgot, that the wall thickness will also be scaled down.



Have in mind that the printer can print in theory walls of a thinkness from 0.4mm in single shell (one pass) which is equal to the printers nose diameter and above. For best results design your final parts with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm. I just added an inside offset to your part and merged the original with it to make it a little thicker but as I saw in the print preview the printer still did one pass to print it which means that the walls will be 0.4mm thick. This might be good if you dont want your part to be heavy but it might be very weak and break. Its an airplane part right? You may consider of making it a bit stronger by adding some inner stracture or sthing in case of bad landings :)