Stringing after changing firmware

Hi All,

I did a part with quite a bit of detail after updating firmware from V.06 to V.10 and Z-Suite from V1.1.0 to V1.4.1 - both at same time.

The part experienced a lot of excessive "stringing" between features (occurred when the nozzle moved from one feature to the next).

Cleaned the nozzle tip well, recalibrated the machine and pinted another part...same results.

For this part to show up properly in Z Suite, layer thickness had to be .04mm, anything thicker and the circular features disappeared.

Part is printed in ABS.

While not having printed anything so detailed in V.06, I don't ever recall observing any stringing between part features.

Anyone else having similar experiences?



Hah! seems to be a popular subject.

Printing a simpler part at present.

Firmware:  V0.0.6

Z-Suite:      V1.4.1

Stringing still occurring.

Will go back to Z-Suite V1.1.0 after this.

I should have known better to make more than one change at a time.

Zortrax...shame on you for not validating code updates better.  Please learn from this.


Has anyone else also had problems with the surface finish on the bottoms of parts?  I'm getting a strange coarse finish even on simple, shallow flat parts.  It's not too bad unless the finished part bottom will become the top in use and then it looks absolutely horrible.

I'll probably try testing combinations of firmware and Z-Suite versions unless those tests have already been done and I just missed the results.