Stringing for Z-PLA Pro


I recently picked up a roll of Z-PLA Proto use instead of the External third-party PLA Pro I was using for many of my other prints in hopes that this proprietary material would help with stringing. I mainly use the M200 plus for printing miniatures and other assets for tabletop games. I have gotten some great results before with other materials, but with the Z-PLA Pro, they are all coming out almost unusable due to the amount of stringing that is being caused. My solution would be to turn down the extrusion temp and/or change the retraction rate, but those settings seem to be locked when using Zortrax Materials. Why is this?

Has anyone found settings for the M200plus Z-pla pro that will give good results that don’t have excesive stringing?


Hi, @LordSmooze.

Do you use the newest Z-SUITE version?
Please, make sure that temperature in the print room is below 25°C (77°F).
What fan speed settings do you use for these models? If they are small, you can set it to 100%.
Besides, when was the last time you replaced the nozzle and/or hotend?
Issues such as quality deterioration and stringing can be caused by wear of these parts.

If you want to try different settings, you can use External Materials PLA-based profile, as its default settings are the same as in Z-PLA Pro profile.


-I have the newest version of Z-suite, as well as the latest firmware for the printer.
-My room i print in is about 73 degrees.
-I set the fan to %100
-I might need to replace the nozzle and hotend. is there information you can send me for what i need/how to do this? I’ve seen people post about using a nozzle key, but i double checked my tools and I don’t see one.

That does bring me to another point: Was the 0.09 layer height removed as an option for External materials in the latest update? Now the lowest I can go for using non-Zortrax PLA is 0.14. I print in high detail, and this is a huge deal for me being able to print at such a small layer height. The option for 0.09 is there for the Z-PLA plus, but obviously I can’t change temp settings or retraction, so for third party z-pla, am i stuck with 0.14 now?


Hey there!

You can find manuals in our Support Center - hotend replacement and nozzle replacement.

As for the layer, the profile is now based on Z-PLA material, not on Z-PLA Pro as previously. Due to that, the lowest layer thickness is now 0.14.