Stringing prints with HIPS

Hi all
I have a problem with printing in HIPS. The print has small recesses for venilation. It becomes a lot of thin threads but they are difficult to remove. Image = Box.
To test a printout I made the model, Test string CAD. The printout is shown in the images String Test-1 and 3 . Default settings, thickness 0.09 mm.

I have read a bit on the forum about Strings but not found any good solution or cause, more than that could be most things.

I have not tested with other materials yet.

Are there any good suggestions for cause and remedies.

Zortrax M200
HW 04
FW 1.2.0
Printing time 550 h

Hello Gustav,

did you print the model with 100% fan speed? Also, have you replaced any consumable parts lately? The printer has done 550 hours and it is recommended to replace such parts (heater&thermocouple, hotend V2) every 350-400 hours. Refer to the maintenance guide. The model is overheated, so it may be high time to replace the parts.

Most of all - the pillars are really small (especially the 2x2 mm ones), so I would rather print it in the UV LCD technology (Inkspire/Inkspire 2).

As for the M200 - the newest firmware is 1.3.1, the update is recommended. As for Z-SUITE - make sure you use the latest stable (2.32.0) version.

Best regards

Hi Karolina

Now I have changed the temperature sensor, heating element, print head and nozzle. I made a new print and expected something without threads between the columns. To my great surprise, the printout looked the same as before the change. Then I took the file to our printer where I work. It is also an M200. Even the printout from this one looked just as miserable.

So now I wonder if this model is too difficult for the M200.


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