Stringy prints?

I’ve got a brand new M200+ with the Ultra filament it came with, and Im printing Condensate Trap Coaster V5 by wpns - Thingiverse and I’m getting strings between some of the posts:

Is there a setting that will eliminate these?

Ultrat, 0.09, High Quality, 30% Infill



I printed the same model using default settings (0.14 mm layer thickness, auto fan, 10% infill, Z-ULTRAT + cooling tower):

It is normal that such tiny strings could occur, especially while such small details are printed. However, you can easily remove them with a heat gun - please compare the results:

This is why it is recommended to increase the fan speed while printing small models/details, however, the model could warp and detach from the platform then (filaments with high shrinkage level as Z-ABS/Z-ULTRAT).

Best regards