Suggestion - Add Print Parameters to output file name


in future versions of ZSuite - I would like the option of having print parameters appended to the output filename. So something like this:


So Material = ZABS Layer .14 / Infill Medium / Support < 20 deg / temperature 260 -

That will make own debug easier - and make it easy to remember :slight_smile: when you want to reprint

I know some file names will become very large… :slight_smile: but as I am getting older - my memory is getting younger (i don’t remember very far back…)

Yes this would be a nice feature, atm I rename my files, but this is for a different purpose as I need estimated time and material use.

Now I am just thinking out loud to the big Coding Gods… What if there were a settings panel, with checkboxes, so you can define what should be and what should not be in you file suffix?

Happy coding :wink:

+1 for parameters in project filename.

+1. That would be awesome.

+1. I always add these parameters after the zcode.