Suggestion: option to minimize raft - or cut off raft overhang


I would like to have a feature where Zortrax can cut overhang raft. I am printing an object that is 197.8 mm wide - which is about 7 mm less than max possible print area. That means some raft is outside of the actual print area - since the rafts are so wide.

Would it be possible to “trim” raft to max possible print size? So far it looks like it’s actually printing fine - but better safe than sorry. (And then give warning that print might to be as well attached)

I know I could print it at 45 degree angle to make print size not quite as wide - but then the 2 hour print would turn into an 11 hour print :slight_smile:


Someone asked about that and Rafal or Martin said they would fix it so that large prints would have minimized raft… Or something like that. :slight_smile: