Support premium adhesion

Hey there,

I have been using the Z Support “Premium” with PETG and a new white build plate and its been working great. I just switched to a new Z Ultra Plus filament, a new black build plate, and noticed separation/ warping between the support material (Premium) and build plate less than 1 hour into the print.

Any thoughts? I’m currently running the same part using Z support Plus to see if the issue remains.


So just an update:
I tried a new build plate. Same issue
I tried changing the support to “Plus” instead of premium. Same issue
I leveled the build plate again. Same issue.
I ran a nozzle calibration test. It all looked good.

Any thoughts on what else to try and what might be causing it? I’m just not having any luck printing with Z Ultra on a black print bed, but no problems with other material on a white print bed.


Try applying some regular glue to the plate and see whether it helps.
If it doesn’t improve it, please send us the files, we’ll check whether it is repeatable on our side.


Thanks! the glue stick worked amazing well. I assume these build plates have some kind of coating already on them?

Also super impressed by the final surface finish of these parts. The build lines almost are non existent on these flat parts. Pretty amazing.

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Hi, thank you for the update. We are glad to hear this did the trick and you are satisfied with the quality of the print.

No, build plates are not covered with any kind of coating.