Supports lifting of raft-Business Products!

Hi all, hope you can help, we use are M200 for business use, trying to become less time consuming, we have tried a larger quantity print. 5 Items.

However... the supports are lifting off the raft itself. Prints are usually okay when printing single ones, but on occasion there is some warping and bending of the print. 

My settings for the raft support are 50 degrees due to the roundness of the print at the bottom, layer is 0.19  with support lite on. 

We are using Z-Ultra ABS 

I had similar issues and eventual built a top cover for my printer which has solved the problem completely. Also if you are not already use full support instead of the lite option.

Thanks Mattel, think I may use the full support instead, for the next print. Do you know when using the full support of its harder to take off the support?

I actually find it much easier to remove "full Support".  "Support light" seems to fuse itself to the part

Ah that’s interesting, I shall definitely try that