supports or not ?

Hi I wonder if I need to print with support or not to get the best print quality . that depend of prints ? (if you have some samples to explain that )  Also what % accuracy fan should I use to have the best quality precision print ? . 

thank you

If you don’t have any overhangs then support is not needed, but if you do have overhangs yes you will need it. The minimum angle changes based on layer height; I personally use 20deg for 90-190 microns, 30deg for 290 microns, and don’t use 390 (it has layer bonding issues). But depending on circumstance you may want more or less - this call is made from experience so you just need to start printing. I would also recommend using “lite” support unless you have an extremely tall part.

For fan, if you have a large part or need high strength it should be shut off, otherwise I just leave mine on auto.

thanks a lot for your answer i will try all of that ! 

best regards