Supports removing and demaging the model Z-suite v6-7

I am still using Z suite v0.03       and I am using Beta 6.6.6  it was never officially released for some reason, I got it off someone on this forum, It includes a basic bed leveling feature.

The main reason I am using this configuration though.

If I use newer versions of Z suite, the supports often does not seporate from the base of the model correctly and tears a layer off it, causeing the model to be un-usable.

Yes the layers and seams look better with the new firmware and Z suite, however there is something very wrong with the way the support structures seporate from the rest.

I know this is not an issue with my printer, because I own a V1 hardware printer and now have got a brand new V2 hardware printer and they both show the same issues.

I have tried with grey fillament and black fillament, they seem to have the same issues.

I would like to get some clarification on this from Zortrax staff,  I can provide pics comparisons.              just sticking with the V3 suite for now, still getting really good print results, but some of the new features would be nice to use.

I know some posts can make a product look bad, this is a very good printer I purchased two of them and don't regret it one bit, just a couple of software kinks in the later stuff it seems.



I'm sure that will be very helpful if you'll upload some pictures and even STL model if you can of course.