Surface Issue

Hello, someone have an idea about this surface finishing?

  • z-abs
  • layer 0.09 mm
  • quality high
  • support 10°
  • infill maximum
  • fan speed: 100%

Fun speed and layer thickness have been customized because in a previews print I've found a problem with the thread.

Could be partially loss of heat.

Looks identical to some of my experiments whith reduced hotend temperature, so the ABS is not hot enough for smooth finish.

Check the cables/plugs on the top side of the printhead block.

Check each single wire for the heater and sensor by pulling gently on it to see if one is not correct crimped.

I say that because on my printer one sensor wire was bad crimped by factory.

Another idea - maybe the black ribbon flat cable is partially broken when it is in a specific "angle"?

To check this, power off the printer, move the printhead by hand to the position(s) when it comes to the faulty print.

Power on the printer, then switch on "hotend heating" using the printers menu; maybe it won't reach 100% when the print head is on a specific position ...

Thank you, I have to try your suggestions.

100% fan can cause a large temperature drop when the fan comes on, and it can take quite a while for the temperature to recover. Try less fan, like 20%. Also, 190µ layers would probably be fine for this part and will be stronger and easier to print.