Swapping/Loading a New Roll of Filament Mid-Job?

I have a growing supply of partial Z-ABS rolls and I've resisted asking the obvious question. How are other M200 users swapping and or loading new rolls of filament mid-job successfully? My other 3D Printers (Makerbot) allow for a "pause" and load new filament and then "resume". Am I missing something or is that a detail to be worked out later? Which brings me to another obvious question…. "How is anyone pausing or canceling a job once it's started?" Cycle the power? 

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-David Barwin

Push front buton 10 secs, machine will pause allowing you to pause printjob and then resume.

Thank you ahntlia! I was hoping I'd missed something in the details. ;-)

Nice to know I can "pause" but I'm still curious how people are adding new filament in the middle of a large/long job.  -db

You pause and use the change filament option for that.

Or do you mean to just load filament without pause at all?

David.. When you pause you can select to unload filament. Then load new filament and resume printing.. You can also set pause points in Z-Suite to change colors.. The printer will automatically go to home position for filament change.

Thank you Kyle. Did I miss this somewhere in the documentation?

I love the pause points function…I intend to use it to embed fasteners within the model!

If you do it Z-Suite you need to "Save as" .. otherwise it won't save the pause points..

If you do it Z-Suite you need to "Save as" .. otherwise it won't save the pause points..

They didn't fix that yet?

They didn't fix that yet?

We did ;)

Thank you all for your help! Truly appreciated by this recent Zortrax convert (one M200 in house and two more on order).

I do pride myself on reading the documentation and I'd swear I haven't seen in print any directions on using the M200 front scroll-wheel interface to "Pause" and "Load" etc.  Did I miss it or does it need to be added/documented. Makes me wonder what other features I'm missing out on. ;-)

Yes the pause works in the new Z-Suite I did it yesterday