Taulman nylon 645 | Stringing issue


I had to buy external nylon(Taulman nylon 645) because Z-Nylon wasnt available and I have striging problems.I can’t go beyond 4mm for the the retraction but I still get stringing. I tried maximum fan settings hoping it would dry the oozing so it doesnt make strings but that doesnt work either. On auto I get the same result. The spool was new and I still go stringing. I will try to dry it see if it changes anything…

So yeah, any suggestions what settings I could try to stop the strining ?

Thanks for the help !

four_square_cons.zcodex2 (38.1 KB)


Did you try decreasing the extrusion temperature?

In zcodex2 file I see you set it to 250 C, but as I searched it’s printing temperature varies from 230 - 265 C.

Also make sure that your nozzle is clean before printing.


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Yes, and it couldn’t extrude anymore. Maybe I tried something too low, I will try 245 but I dont know where you found your data…

Nylon 645

  • Print Temperature: 250C - 255C
  • Nozzle: any size
  • Print Speed: 40mm/s
  • Retraction: 3-4mm
  • Bed Temperature: 55C

I got the data from here:

But indeed your information is from their official page so should be better.

I’m not able to give you much instructions for external material :frowning:

Maybe someone from the community could help you with this :slight_smile:

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Yeah when I answered you I saw the mention to contact them in the shared link so I did… will see if they give me a solution.

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Late update for anyone wondering, drying the spool helped with the stringing. Its much less severe but still there, its managable.