Tensioning the Long Belts

Good afternoon!

I read this support in the support section:

Tensioning the Long Belts  

Move the extruder to the center position. Tighten the screws on the axis block using a 1,5mm Allen key.

The question is - how much need to tighten the bolts?
How many turns?
I understand that the bolts rest against the rubber?
Just on the senses, they are not so tight in the new printer ;-)
And I correctly understand that these bolts need to be tightened from two sides of the printer?


Thanks in advance for the advice!

Hi kasilov,

In fact you can examine the tension of the belts quite easily. All you have to do is to press the upper part of the belt and check if it’s possible to touch the lower part of the belt with it.

If not - the belts are sufficiently tense and further action is not required

Check that before you decide to tighten the bolts.