Testing the Zortrax Apoller


Hi everybody

We use a Zortrax Apoller at our office and are very happy with the results which we achieve with the unit. It helps us a lot to cut down on production time of 3D printed parts -we have a couple of products which do rely heavily on 3D printed parts for housings etc (due to low quantities it would not be economical to manufacture those parts in other ways).

We had hesitated a bit to purchase the unit, as we couldn’t find much information about it online, except on the Zortrax website itself. We had tried as well to find somebody with the unit, to send some test pieces for smoothing so that we could see the results before purchasing the device. Unfortunately, we were not able to find anybody.

Hence we wanted to offer this to other interested and curious people out there. We are based in the UK, near Bath. If you’d like to see the results of the machine on your own design/parts, then feel free to contact us. Send us your 3D print file or 3D printed object and we’ll offer you to smooth your part and ship it back to you.
Please note, we would charge for this (we offer 3D printing as a service to our clients) - but when we did consider purchasing the Apoller we would have been very happy to make use of such a service, hence I am offering it now on here.