I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But, since I don’t see a category elsewhere for 3rd party software, I’m giving it a go. Is there any software out there for texturing the surface of a print? Say, I designed a small box and wanted to add either a stone or wood surface to it, is there a program out there that would make this easy to do? I’ve designed programs in CAD (CorelDraw) to texture 2D, but I’m not aware of anything in the 3D software area. I haven’t received my printer yet, but I’m starting to look into software. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Hi Lewi,

The short answer is yes.

The two most popular programs for producing a textured model are Mudbox and zbrush.

Unlike bump mapping, applying a material or decal to simulate a textured surface, the surface mesh actually needs to be displaced, and mudbox and zbrush were specifically written to displace or sculpt 3d surfaces. Most higher end 3d programs will allow a certain amount of displacement and even have some decent sculpting tools (modo and 3ds max). But for truly awesome results look into mudbox and zbrush.