Thank you for your hard work!


I'm Dr-J, I use my Zortrax printer for medical device prototype print. I know, we all have good and some bad to say about

these and that, of the overall operation. The print quality is fare better than any other in it's price range, how ever, just got better. Last night I upgrade my Z-Suite to the latest version, and I'm amazed of the new print quality. The support is much much easier to remove. (done it by hand, no tool had to be used) and the print quality is awesome. Same setting, same ABS filament, the only think change is Z-Suite. I know takes time to fine tune the software. Just like to thank the Zortrax team for the job well done.  AWESOME, THANK YOU !!! 

Ps: (Unfortunately, just had a major health problem, that took me a way from my work, and 3D printing, Well -  I'm back !)


same settings ? - unbelivable!




Glad to see you are back!! Keep healthy!! Print looks great!!

Thank you, do my best,