The additional exposure time is not taken into account

If I put additional exposure time for support, the time is added to the total time, but in fact, it is not applied by the machine.

Best regards.

Hi, @Samuel.
Could you send me a .zcode file?
Which printing profile did you use?

Hi Marta.
The file is 74Mo…so i can’t upload it
I use external resin, light supports on which I have augmented the diameter due to “only from raft” bug. I put 20s of normal exposure time and 25s of additional support time (to test).
When i put the file in the machine i can see the 20s and the 25s in the file parameters, and the total time seems to have been correctly calculated.
I started the machine and I could see that only the normal exposure time is applied: about 20s between layers instead of about 45s.
Maybe it is a problem of firmware in the machine…

Thank you for the information. I’ve sent you a PM, please, check your inbox.