The bearing came out of the guide help to insert it back


Please tell me how to insert it back. Thank you.


Hi @PojiloyUdav,

these are the screws securing the bearing inside the block:


However, you will need to remove the belt tensioner first - you can refer to the manual. Loosen these screws, apply silicone oil on the rail and try to insert the bearing back into the block (for example with a screwdriver). Once this is done - tighten the screws. I hope this works for you.

Best regards,


**can you tell me why this happened? How to make sure that this does not happen again ?


Unfortunately, I am unable to tell why this happened. The screws might have been loose. However, once you tighten them - this should not happen again.


thank you very much! You helped me a lot, I fixed the printer with your help.


You are welcome! I am really glad to hear this did the trick :slight_smile: