The cost of M200 spares


I work in the UK film industry and use my m200 daily some times 24/7, all my machines are over 4000 hours now so I regularly change out parts to keep them running

I have noticed a massive mark up in the UK with M200 spare parts, I understand that this is now a discontinued machine but that fact v2 hot-end nozzles have now doubled in price from £36 to £69.99.

Also I am disappointed in the cost of the door and side covers being of substandard quality and that fact the cost for replacements is £79!

Come on zortrax sort it out


yep I agree I also use multiple m200’s amongst others(don’t get me started!)
and the fact that zortrax seem to have doubled the cost of most of the m200 spares seems like a cynical move to fast track the machine to obseletion strange how the parts for the new m200 plus are virtually half the price…


Hey there!
Let me clarify the situation.
As we’ve released new products, the demand for dedicated parts has increased. In production, the bigger the demand, the lower the price per unit. At the same time, as M200 and M300 are no longer available in the range of our products, demand for the parts stays at lower level, so the price per unit has increased.
As we didn’t want to compromise parts’ quality and reliability, we’ve had to adjust the prices to the market situation.
Please, keep in mind that in terms of customer support nothing has changed and we’re always there to help.


Hi Marta

I understand how it all works I have a side business that imports from china, there is no way the mark up should be that high, maybe a few dollars per unit but that wouldn’t justify a price increase of that magnitude!

I am not meaning to sound rude and I am sorry if it comes off that way but it sounds like you are forcing people to upgrade to the newer systems by making the obsolete printer parts over priced. I have stuck with Zortrax for years and have a version one machine I am a big fan of the system but you need to address this issue.


Alex, I’ve passed your remarks to the decision-making people. If a solution advantageous for both the clients and the company is found, we will let you know. At the moment, we can offer you top-quality customer support, so if anything happens, feel free to contact us.


Thanks Marta

Is there any news on the M200 duel? The 300 is far to big for me to use.


I don’t have any such information at the moment. Should there be any news, I will add a post on the forum.
By the way, with M300 Dual large volume you can print bigger objects or multiple smaller. Should you have any questions about M300 Dual, feel free to message me.


Marta, I have no problems with moderate price adaptions, but the raised spare part prices are insane (e.g Eur. 49 to Eur. 99 Eur for a perforated bed). It seems you really want your customers moving to newer models, but this is definitively the wrong way.


If I need expensive spare parts, I will buy a new printer. But no zortrax


As much as I love all 3 of my Zortrax machines (2x m200 , 1 Inkspire). I fear the cost of their accessories will price me out of their printers. Recently had to replace my perf bed and and hot end and was shocked to find the cost of each had doubled.


Thank you all for your input. If we find any better solution, I will add a post on the Forum.


The simple solution is put the prices back to what it was before the 250% price hike!