The first layer bend from build plate ( NEW DISCOVERY )


Little while ago, I posted a topic about the problem I had, and received several good advice, that help me resolving the issue, how ever

the problem is back, and getting worst. Because of my business, I have to print part's that small footprint on the bottom and tall. I was able to print

several of them in the first week after I got the printer, without any issue. I had to make some design change of the parts I print, and ever since I done

that, I can't print them at al. Take about 9 hour to print one, after 2-3 hour of print, the support layer come loose, and the head knock over the whole think.

The old design prints ok, the new one don't. My question is there a possibility,  that because of the way the software create the angle of the layer

and support, as the ABS cool down, start pulling back on the edge, what cause the separation from the build plate. I have made larger test print,

as you can see, the separation was quite severe. Is this a software issue, or am I doing something wrong ??

Hey Dr-J,

It may help us to make suggestions if you could post either pictures, renders of the part from within Z-suite (screen shot) or the STL itself so we can see the geometry and size of the part.

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Jay…there is a picture attached.

Short and sweet: it’s a big rectangular block and that’s always difficult to print without warping. You will need to try the standard tricks to get it under control…covering the printer to retain heat, glue or ABS slurry, sanding platform, perfect leveling, less fan, more infill, etc…


I had a part that was large and flat and would continually pull up. I used multiple tricks and it printed great: Enclosing the L & R sides, sanding the platform, using an ABS Slurry, leveling the print bed, less fan, and I turned off the AC in the room I was working in.

Hope that helps,


Clear plastic bag has been working pretty well for me. Way better then abs slurry. Keeps parts from cracking halfway up as well. If you really want to be safe, always double bag it.  ;)

But leave the cooling slots on the bottom open! Otherwise you’re grilling your power supply and main board unnecessarily.

Thank you for all the suggestion, I will follow up, and try them all. At this moment I'm frustrated, but love the printer enough to

be patient and work whit it. Thanks guys