The M200 + does not feed filament even after a restart


we have a printer “Zortrax M200 plus” which stopped feeding the filament during printing.

After diagnostics we found that the cable form and the stepper motor are working.

Тhe damage is in the motherboard model “M200 plus REV 5.3”.

Please guide us where to send the old one for repair or give a price to buy a new board.

Best regards,

Zlatko Emanuilov


Did you try dismantling the extruder, along with motor and checking if the gear or hotend/nozzle are not clogged?

You can fill our support form.

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The whole tract has been cleaned.
The stepper motor does not move in any direction (charging / discharging).
I also filled in the Support Form: Hardware problem [027145]
But there is no result.

Hello Ivan,

I see my colleague has already replied to your support form on 10.05.2022 kindly check your mail and maybe spam folder.

Best Regards