The Palette

Has anyone seen this yet.  Was just surfing and came across it.  Supposed to enable you to use multiple colors with only one nozzle?

Won't work for Zortrax. Already looked into the other one that is on the market.  " runs on .gcode or .x3g"

Open source Printers


So i guess that Zortrax will have one in development, right?  :)

I wonder if they could do a licensing agreement with the makers of the Palette to license their code so we could see this on our desktops in the near future.  I'm going to be so very jealous watching others with this whilst I just sit by wondering if/when I'll get the opportunity to take advantage of a wonderfully obvious next step in 3D for the home user.  My wife does embroidery and I can remember through the years as she went from a single thread machine to a 5 thread machine and now she's up to a 15 thread dual head machine(s).  4 filament colors?  You bet I'd pay to get that.