The printer display shows Preparing to print, but nothing happens


my 200 Plus don’t start printing since a few days (firmware 2.2.3., and Glass plate).
I can send the part to the Printer, when I start printing, nothing happens.
Normally you can see on the printer screen how the extruder and the heating bed heat up, but nothing happens, the message Preparing to print is displayed and nothing happens, a circle rotates on the right … also two hours and nothing continues.
Material change, extruder heating, or moving the platform, etc., everything works manuel.
I changed the USB stick, downgraded and upgraded the firmware, unplugged the cable, but nothing helped.

hope you can help me



can none of Zortrax help me?

Hello Klaus,

So you are unable to start a print even while printing from the USB, not only when sending the file via WiFi/Ethernet, right? Can you please record a video showing how a circle rotates on the screen while preparing to print? We will look into that.

Also, please remember that in order to get a solution to any problem as soon as possible - you should contact us via support form.

Best regards,

it does not matter whether I start printing from the PC or the printer directly, after the start there is always preparing for printing, then nothing goes on.
I cannot upload videos (mp4) here, only jpg etc.

Hi Klaus,

Thank you for contacting us directly, we are already looking further into the matter.

Best regards,