The worlds fastest Zortrax print...

I’m the aerodynamic and fabrication guy of the “one moment” air racing team. We are at the Reno air race in Nevada right now and guess what…my Zortrax is involved as well. :slight_smile:

I designed and printed aerodynamic covers for the elevator and rudder trim linkages to reduce drag and we raced them today at speeds over 360 mph without issues!

If you want to know more here our Facebook page…



Very cool :)

AWESOME!!! Z-ABS or Ultrat?

…for some reason the Ultrat was too brittle for this thin walled application (walls are 1mm).

I had better layer adhesion with the Z-ABS.

Tomorrow is the final race…we qualified 3rd.

Really impressive speed and nice job. :slight_smile:

Good luck for the race tomorrow.

Quick update!

I was nominated for an experimenter award…

And the 3D printing part of the project made quite an impression on the judges. We ended up getting 2 awards (best build and best test)! I felt very honored since the judges were from “Scaled Composites” (the company that won the x-price with spaceship 1). So cool!!!

Here a nice video of the project…

I used my Zortrax to visualize the fuselage modifications and also to create the base models for my clay work.

You can see some pics of the awards on our FB page…the link is in the first post of this thread.

Congrats Andre, great work!