Thin wall not printing and raft sticking to part

Hi all,

After some advice on a few issues I am encountering with the M200.  I am only using Zotrax filament and currently using Z-PCABS.

Issue 1:

The part attached has been printed previously using v2.6.1 of the software and the preview of the final Zcode preview looks fine (image attached) and prints fine.  Using the same STL running software the preview image (attached) shows the thin walled area of the part not being printed and the final print also has this issue.

I have looked through the settings and they are the same as far as the common settings between revisions.  The model is scaled in both software revisions to X = 100.11,Y = 100.10 and Z = 98.36

Issue 2:

The raft has recently started to a stick to the base layer of parts, to the point where it delaminates strings from the base layer when seperating.  The bed has been calibrated prior to printing, Z-PCABS filament used and settings set appropriately for this filament.

Thanks in advance.


I checked and seeing the same for issue #1; wall thickness is greater than 0.4mm but wall disappears in 2.7.1.  There's a recommendation to not use 1.7.1 currently due to some bugs ( post), not sure if part of that. Consider filing report so it's not missed.