Time out during printing on M300Plus

Dear support,

we started a 3 days prints on our M300+, material PETG. After the weekend we found the print with an error : time out during GUI init. It is quite embarassing as half of the print was done and we have to throw away the already printed material. I cannot find any information or log file to explain what happened. Can you help? I would like to be sure that it does not happen again as we need this print to be done.

Best regards,

Hello Hubert,

please contact us via support form - provide the serial number, a photo of the error, as well as failinformation.txt file that should have been saved on the USB (please ensure the firmware is up-to-date since we always do fix possible bugs). Our specialists will have a look.

Also, I assume you were not allowed to resume the print once the failsafe error had occurred, right?

One more thing - please confirm if the file was sliced in the newest Z-SUITE (2.26.0). Actually, please attach the .zcodex to the support form.

Best regards,