To hot?

I printed this very hard print a friend draw up. Overall i am impressed becuase it is very small details for a fdm printer to do. I printed this with Z-Firmware BETA V0.0.3 (non official) and Z-Suite_BETA_V0.0.4. Use 0,19 layers and 10 degress support. This is my third one i printed but it is the “least” good off them. Other is printed with Z-Suite BETA V0.0.4 (non official).

I can see that newest z-suite leaves alot off filamnet when moving around, on this part it is on support no problem but i had some parts with holes that was kind off hard to get off. Also i wonder why support on the two rods not are the same? I have printed with more support but almost impossible to get rid off support surronding the small rods without breaking them. I guess abit more fan would do wonder for small rods, they are only dia 3mm


Thx Trhuster