Tolerance of bed

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I just started to use my zortrax today. And I do have an auto calibration problem.

Can someone explain to me how the auto calibration works. And what's the tolerance between the 4points ABCD (max deviation allowable 0.1 or 0.05...?) when the extruder head travels to all these points and does some measuring routine. I believe they do a torque related measuring, but I can be wrong.

I also see that the leveling procedure is in fact strange. You only need 3 points to define a plane in space. But I suppose they do this to be sure that the bed is flat.

Because that's what I see now one corner does have a bigger deviation then the others.

So my print bed is not flat. So that's why i'm asking this. I suppose it's within specified tolerance and zortrax did check this before sending me the printer.

So can someone give me some insights about tolerances they use.

But until now I really like the setup of the printer it's really well designed (for a cheap printer) but the connector for the heated bed is at least to say small.

The perforated bed is also a nice feature. I think I will enjoy the learning proces.

Review this one.

It’s not necessary to have platform perfectly flat - M200 uses raft that compensate deviations. If the calibration is finished successfully and you don’t have problems with printing (especially with the first layer) you don’t need to worry.


So if I do understand you correctly there is no need to use the auto calibration tool before I can print. So it's not related to the print procedure.

Okay...So it's just a tool to help the user in leveling the printer bed.

Well that's a relief.

And understandable, because the only thing you could have if you exaggerates a bit is that your part become something like the tower of Pisa.

I hope I can find some spare time over the weekend to do some tweaking and printing.

Thank's Filip

Yes.. Auto cal is just a tool to get bed as level as possible.. This will help keep large prints from warping(not sticking to bed and lifting at edges) I'm sure you will make time to get some printing in.. :D