Top Extruder Fan outputting zero Voltage

One of my M200 Printer’s top extruder fan wasn’t working. I figured I just needed to replace it. However, after removing, I applied a voltage to the fan itself and it worked perfectly fine. I then measured Voltage across the pins on the Extruder PCB board and it read 0V when I had the fan enabled and disabled.

Do I need to replace the PCB board for another one? Mind you that this is the older version with the green screw connector.


Could you send me photos of your Extruder PCB, hotend and the heater&thermocouple?

It would seem you have a very old version and you could need to change thoose too.

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Is this what you were looking to see? I can send more pictures if necessary.

Thank you that’s it.

I think you could try with replacing the extruder pcb and Heater&Thermocoupler for new ones as they are really old versions.

If the Firmware is not up to date I would suggest updating it too (latest is 1.3.1).

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I’ve purchased a new PCB and heater+thermocouple. I will update when they arrive. Thanks.