Top layer not good

Hi ,
My top layer are very not good.
All the part is perfect… wall are nice , dimensions eprfect but top layers uggly.
How can I solve this?

I’m using Z-ultrat with standard profile.

Hello Frederic,

Could you send me your stl, zprojx and zcodex file?

What infill is that?

Also on which Z-Suite version did you generate the file?

Best Regards

standard infill
Z-suite 3 or 2.26 same result
0019 - Z SUPPORT INF L.zcodex2 (193.2 KB)

Hello Fzank,

As I printed your model on our side I didn’t find such issue.

When did you last changed your Nozzle, Hotend, and Thermocouple and Heater?

Maybe you have some to swap and check then.

Best Regards

all is new…
Then I have changed of filament brand… I’m using fiberlogy now and after some tweaks the printed part is far better with fiberlogy.