Top layer not good

Hi ,
My top layer are very not good.
All the part is perfect… wall are nice , dimensions eprfect but top layers uggly.
How can I solve this?

I’m using Z-ultrat with standard profile.

Hello Frederic,

Could you send me your stl, zprojx and zcodex file?

What infill is that?

Also on which Z-Suite version did you generate the file?

Best Regards

standard infill
Z-suite 3 or 2.26 same result
0019 - Z SUPPORT INF L.zcodex2 (193.2 KB)

Hello Fzank,

As I printed your model on our side I didn’t find such issue.

When did you last changed your Nozzle, Hotend, and Thermocouple and Heater?

Maybe you have some to swap and check then.

Best Regards

all is new…
Then I have changed of filament brand… I’m using fiberlogy now and after some tweaks the printed part is far better with fiberlogy.

Hello Fzank,

As it affects top of your prints, ti may as well be an issue of the fans, or the fanshrouds.

Please perform fan test to see if they are working properly and send me a picture of your fanshrouds as well.

Best Regards