Top surface quality

I had wrapping problems, but now it is solved with abs juice. The raft sticks so well that now it is difficult to remove :)







Now my top surface quality is below zero, I have printed this model with my m200 many times (also with other printers) but the

surface quality is really horrible now. Any ideas why it is getting worse ?


Koray Birand

PS: The printer can be called new since I still could not finish my first HIPS roll yet.

Was it the same filament, infill size, and fan setting on both prints? Did you choose the right filament in the drop down?

It almost looks like there is a pressure buildup inside the part which bulged the (too) warm material out (following the infill pattern…). Really weird! It seems like the material stays too hot for too long.

First of all…Is your lower fan still working? Those fans can die early.

Did you change anything else? Like adding side covers for example?

Try to print it again, take a needle, and poke into the bulges as soon as they appear… Are they soft? Do they collapse when you poke through?

Yes, everything is the same.


Layer .14

infill medium

fan 20

Same roll of hips.

Fan is working

No side covers (all though ordered them and waiting for them)

Will try to explode the bulges, but I do not understand how it is going to help my situation :)

I am re printing it.. Still printing the raft. I have realized that the left side is not as smooth as the right. Can be clearly seen in the images.

And thats where the irregularities seen on the top surface of the model. I know you are going to as about my calibration.. it is perfect.


So the rafts, layers are coming and looks perfect.. the first layer has been corrected.. So it is not because of the raft.

Actually I would not have asked about the cal…I don’t think an unleveled platform could cause this top surface issue. :wink:

With the poking test I just want to find out if your top surface stays soft for too long… allowing the inner air pressure to bulge it up. Next step would be to find out why the surface stays soft that long…

Maybe your extruder temp changed? Is the temp sensor secured properly? How do ABS prints look like…are they OK? I have to admit that I do not have much experience with hips…

Did the room temp change significantly since the last good print?

How long ago was your last good one and what did you print in between?

Maybe you need generally a bit more fan with hips (assuming the room temp has changed for example)…?

Idea: make a simple small cube model and see if it still does it. Then you can test fan setting changes without wasting so much material.

I haven't tried Abs, I have been using ultra and hips all the time.

The room temp is almost the same 1 degree *celsius" warmer. which is 23.6 at the moment.

I have printed the last good one 3 days ago.. And nothing changed. Cleaned the prefboard.. calibration is the same..

I will try the cube test... Also will try to print that cube on different parts of the pref board.. the problem is always more noticeable on the left side of the board..


The raft is being finalized now ant the raft looks perfect.. So now i am totally confused.

Is your lower fan working? I know my lower fan went out fairly quickly and couldn't figure out what was wrong with my prints and then check it by switching the wires with the top fan on top the extruder housing and found it wasn't working so I had to replace it. 

Z sent me another fan so that was cool and I will be replacing my top fan here shortly because it is slow to start off and needs a nudge to work right. 


Make sure you replace the fans with ball bearing ones…

Hello everyone,

as you check the proper functioning of the fans?

thank you

Switched to ABS and the problem is gone... Maybe the Hips is faulty..