TPU Settings

Since the new update allowing external materials I got a little too excited and bought some TPU (flexible thermoplastic polyurethane). I'm finding that I can't load it as it gets to a certain point and then starts wrapping around the drive gear. I believe this is due to not being rigid enough to push through the ABS that is still in the hot-end/nozzle. Any ideas on how to get past this or perhaps ways to completely purge the nozzle without complete disassembly and cleaning? Or maybe I'm wrong about the reason it's not feeding through. My other guess is maybe that the standard loading temp is too high and it's just turning into liquid in the hot-end as the temp guide for the TPU is 190-230c. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreicated!! Thanks.

In this thread is a part someone has created which fills the gap around the gear and prevents this. However I found after a couple attempts the TPU we're trialling worked fine


I have just finished a test of ninjatek Cheetah. Printed quite well, just need retraction, if it's possible without the filament clogging the gear.

Printed with Zsuite 2.0. No retraction, 0.19 layers, -50% speed.