transparent ABS


I am trying to find good settings for printing transparent ABS. I know, it will never be glass-clear, but i just am looking for the best result.

So far, i have tried changing temperatures, the specs say max 230, but at that temp the nozzle seems to be clogging up regularly.

The tests i ran so far (all using the abs based filament):

nozzle temp/bed temp/print speed/extruder flow ratio







(and i quit 240, because the nozzle seemed to get clogged also at that temp).

They all seem to give about the same outcome funny enough. I did notice the difference in top/bottom layer compared to the sides: the sides are pretty clear with 250/60/0/0, but the top and bottom layers are not so much.

I did notice that the topmost 2 layers of the rafting are pretty good!

So now i am looking for the correct settings, based on the ABS filament to get the same result as the rafting has for the top and bottom layer..

i think if i get that right, the print should be the best i can get it..

So does anybody know the correct settings to get the same results as the 2 top layers of the rafting?

I am using the lates firmware and z-suite for it.

I gave up on this filament. Nomatter what i do, it just keeps clogging up the nozzle.