Trouble installing new PCB Board and heater

Has anyone had trouble installing the new PCB board / heater / ribbon cable combo on older machines?

After installing everything when I try to load filament it tries to load it right away, ie. without heating anything first. The second I press load filament the gear starts turning even though the machine is cold. Sounds like something wrong with the temp sensor but no idea.

Has anyone encountered something similar?

I know on my machine if the ribbon cable is slightly unplugged it can tell the main board that the extruder is up to temp when it is all cold, thus causing this same issue. Check both ends of the ribbon cable.


Thanks for the tip Michael, I will check it tomorrow and let you know if that was it.


I had similar issues with my UM, it uses a thermocouple, and it seems m200 also does; a bad wiring (and a damaged wire too) can cause the amplifier to report very high temperature (arround 370°C on my UM). Also, please check also the metal sheath of the termocouple, it is easy to damage it tightening to much the locking screw.