Trying to dissolve Z-SUPPORT Premium

I’m printing large structures with a high amount of Z-SUPPORT Premium filament. Can you give any recommendations how to dissolve it in an fast an easy way?


First of all, you can manually remove parts of support structures that don’t have direct contact with model.
That will reduce the time necessary for dissolving the support.

As for other tips, here are recommended temperatures (for DSS Station for Inventure, but they are applicable for Z-SUPPORT Premium in general) for models printed with:
– Z-PETG: between 40 and 50° C [104 and 122° F]
– Z-PLA: max. 40° C [104° F]
– Z-ULTRAT Plus: 50° C [122° F].
These temperatures won’t affect the model itself and will ensure effective dissolution rate.

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Thanks again.
Can i speed the process up in a ultrasonic bath without harming the prints itself?

What kind of device do you use and what is its basic speed value?

In our DSS Station user can only change time and temperature.

What exactly does the DSS Station do to dissolve the support? Move warm water around it, is there anything else it does?