Trying to print an object with an open top. Can't figure out how.

Here is the model in question:



Here are my print settings, which I think are correct -- but please feel free to correct me. I've not had my M200 for even a week yet.



And here is the print preview Z-Suite gives me:



So what gives? Why is Z-Suite adding a top when the source model has no top? Is there a better way to print objects like this?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Edit: I think I may have just solved this mere minutes after posting. I think the issue is with my source model. Redoing it now.

Edit 2: Yup. Sure enough. Source model problem. Everything is good. Forgot to connect all points/edges. Printing now!

got similar problem recently. haven't got a chance to reply since you've already found the solution by your own.